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About Gorazd System

Saint Gorazd

Gorazd system is the open-source PHP framework and content management system with following features:

  • simple website structure and content administration
  • user permissions - administration, permission levels, permission groups for different sub-pages
  • user administration, user profiles
  • Forms - simple creating of administration pages for database tables
  • modules for articles, discussions, e-shop, photo galleries, news, forms, polls, tickets...
  • automatic versionning for data in the database
  • sharing components between websites
  • Synaum - intelligent tool for deploying code to the server
  • constantly in development ;-)

Gorazd System modules: actualities, articles, discussion, e-shop, gallery, forms, polls, tickets, users, web-admin

Installation guide

Gorazd System - installation scheme


  • Apache hosting with enabled mod_rewrite. For another servers, some equivalent of .htaccess file should be made.
  • PHP >= 5.3
  • MySQL >= 5.0

Installation step-by-step: 

  1. Getting sources
    Download or clone Gorazd System source files
  2. Config file
    Modify configuration file config-local.php for your project:
    • Setup the path to the project root directory on the server
    • Setup the salt variable with some random value. Your and other users passwords will be more safe
    • Setup parameters of MySQL database connection - 
  3. Upload to the server
    Upload all system files from step 1 and config file from step 2 to the server.
  4. Get SQL init script
    Download initialisation script for the MySQL database:
    SQL init script parameters
  5. Initialise the database
    Run the SQL script from the previous step in your MySQL database.
  6. Create your superadmin account
    Congratulations! The homepage of your project should run now on your domain, for example on yourproject.com. Now you should create the superadministrator account. On your homepage, yourproject.com, simply pick your username and password.
  7. Edit your website
    As an superadminsitrator, you can now edit your website:
    • ​​managing pages on yourproject.com/web-structure
    • assigning controllers to your pages will allow you to manage users, tasks, log records, system variables etc.
  8. Website customisation
    Now the real work on your project begins! Create your custom module - simply create the folder with your project name in modules directory. You can get the inspiration for your own module from the source code of this website. You can downlaod or clone it from the GitHub.
    • Modify basic HTML web page structure and logic in MainController and MainView files and put them into your module folder to the subfolder php
    • To modify styles, add a custom css files and include them with $this->addCss('myfile.css') in your Main or another controller. Put the css file into the subfolder css in your module folder
    • If you need a specific functionality, you can create your custom Controller and it to the controllers folder in your module folder.


Soon on GitHub.


Which websites runs on Gorazd System?

Children community website

Author's personal website

Database of Czech geodetic symbols

Children organisation

Long-term games for children teams

SPJF organisation e-shop

... and several smaller websites.


Miroslav Kvasnica - niwi